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What Does Kares 4 Kids Do?

child with school back pack

28,067 Bookbags filled with school supplies since 2005!

​We fill thousands of book bags with school supplies every year to help our local school children get what they need. They are donated to 30-40 schools and children's organizations every year. Many of the children who receive our book bags would otherwise not have one.

child with We Kare Bears

We Kare Bears - 15,916 hugs donated!

​Since 2005, we have donated 10,732 We Kare Bears to children who are ill or have been traumatized. Local children's hospitals have received our fuzzy donations, as well as first responders, policeman and firemen. Our We Kare Bear's mission is to comfort and care for these special children (and even for their parents) during their illness, or if there has been an emergency in their life.

shopping for local food pantries in Georgia

Shopping 4 Kids feeding over 27,030+ children since 2009!

​Our Shopping 4 Kids event started in 2009, when many charities were suffering from lack of support in the middle of the economic downturn. Our goal was to help them fill their empty shelves, so they in turn could feed and clothe needy children in our communities. Since then, we have helped over 74 children's charities through this much needed event.

children receiving donated books

Books 4 Kids helping 479,073+ children learn to read!

In 2016 we began donating thousands of books every year to help children learn how to read. Illiteracy is a serious issue. “Insufficient vocabulary, comprehension and literacy skills negatively impact children for the rest of their lives." We are going to help change that for Georgia children!

Keller Williams Red Day

Red Day and Flex Funds have helped over 197,810+ children!


Since 2011, our offices have found many different ways to uniquely serve children on this community service day. From installing playgrounds for children of veterans, to helping domestic violence shelters with computers they need to help the children, to equestrian therapy for abused children and SO much more. They find the greatest need and then fill it!

Gift cards donated to teens in need

Holiday Kards 4 Kids for 8,430 teenagers in need since 2005!

Each year at the holidays, we donate gift kards with a value of $75 each, to the "forgotten teenagers." At that time of year, often the little children will be remembered, but unfortunately not the older children in need as it can be hard to know what to purchase for them. Our gift kards are designed so that the teenagers have a little bit of holiday money to get something that they need or would really like to have. We try to fill that gap. 

Suggest a charity in need of support!

Do you know of a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

local to Georgia that helps children in need? 

Achieving A BIG Goal

In 1990, the idea of creating a foundation to serve children was born. In 2005, Kares 4 Kids was started, and in 7 years we accomplished our original goal to serve over 10,000 children in our communities. In another 7 years (through 2018), we accomplished our second mission and as of 2023 have served over 921,676 children! 


We are excited about the incredible opportunity to surpass that vision and help more children. Our new mission is to help 1,000,000 children in need! We are thrilled to be with so many amazing people who want that to make that happen.

Become a Sponsor
We work with a wide range of civic, community, corporate and individual sponsors to help children in need. Learn more about how we can work together. 

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