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Flex Funds

Q: What are Flex Funds?

When a market center raises over $10,000 in one year, 50% of their fundraising goes into the Kares 4 Kids general events and the other 50% goes into a

Flex Funds budget for that market center. You can help creatively contribute to your community by helping children with your Flex Funds!

Flex Funds

Q: What can we do with our market center Flex Funds?

Creatively contribute to your community by helping children with Flex Funds! Help Kares 4 Kids fulfill our mission to help children in need while involving our agents

in the donation of funds. Collaborate with your Culture Committee and agents and vote together on how to best use your Flex Funds.

Click here for a downloadable document How To Donate Your Flex Funds

Q: How do we decide what organizations to support using Flex Funds?

The goal is for Ambassadors, leadership, and agents in the market center to work together and decide how to best serve local children using your Flex Funds. Communicate with everyone at Culture Committee and Team Meetings, and ask for suggestions on local organizations to support. Kares 4 Kids also provides suggestions for each market center based on location. Once you have several suggestions in mind, we recommend allowing agents to vote on how they would like Flex Funds to be spent. Click here for an example of a voting sheet. Ambassadors have also had good luck creating a Google Form for voting, or a poll in your market center Facebook group. Kares 4 Kids Flex Funds can be used to support any 501(c)3 non-profit organization, school, or church that helps children in need. Flex Funds cannot be donated directly to an individual or family - please seek guidance from a local charity if you have a family or individual in need you wish to help. A charity may be able to support the family or individual if Flex Funds are donated to that charity. 

Q: What happens to any remaining Flex Funds not used by the end of the year? 

Unused Flex Funds get rolled in to the full donation total for the following year, which are used to fund the 5 Kares 4 Kids general events. The funds do not go back into the Flex Funds total for your market center for the following year.

Q: Our market center made a purchase to support an organization. How to we get reimbursed for the purchase?

When making purchases with the intention of getting reimbursed through Flex Funds, please use the market center American Express. Kares 4 Kids is unable to reimburse individuals directly, we can only reimburse the market center. Please click here for Flex Funds Reimbursement Guidelines. After you've made the purchase, please email your receipt(s) to Leigh and CC your Flex Funds Coordinator. See the next FAQs question below for how to contact your Flex Funds Coordinator.  

Q: Who can I contact with more questions about Flex Funds?

Each market center has a Flex Funds Coordinator who will be happy to help! 

Alicia Thomas, Flex Funds Coordinator for Greater Athens, Barrow Jackson, North Gwinnett, Perimeter East, South Forsyth, and Sugarloaf

Click here to email Alicia

Danielle McCurdy Hale, Flex Funds Coordinator for Newnan, Northeast, Peachtree City, and Stockbridge

Click here to email Danielle

You may also contact Leigh Saluzzi, Program Coordinator for Kares 4 Kids, with any questions. Click here to email Leigh

Golf Tournaments and other FUNdraisers

Golf Tournaments and FUNdraisers

Q: How do I cover the cost of my event?

The most common way to cover expenses is to create event sponsors. Give your sponsor(s) a lot of recognition at your event such as their logo printed on banners, promotional materials, etc., in exchange for a monetary sponsorship. Consider reaching out to local businesses and vendors with sponsorship opportunities. 

Q: Do sponsorships to our event also count as a Kares 4 Kids donation?

If a sponsorship has covered the cost of your event expenses, then it would be considered a sponsorship for your event, and not a Kares 4 Kids donation.
Any sponsorships you have that do NOT cover your expenses will also be considered a Kares 4 Kids donation, as long as we receive the funds.

Kares 4 Kids can only give donation credit if we receive the funds. 

Q: If someone purchases something at the event, such as a golf foursome, raffle tickets, silent auction items, entry tickets, food, etc, do they become a Kares 4 Kids donor?

We cannot give donation credit from purchases made at your event, as the IRS does not consider funds to be a donation if something of value was given in exchange for the funds. Funds raised through items sold will be put toward your overall market center donation total and will not be considered a donation from an individual. 

Q: How can I accept payment for tickets/sponsorships/raffles/etc?

There are several options for accepting payments. is an online platform that several market centers have used in 2022 to manage their golf tournaments on a single platform.

Eventbrite is another online option.

Kares 4 Kids has the ability to create a
basic online Event Page for you as well, and several market centers use this option for their sponsorships. The Kares 4 Kids event page option can only be used if 100% of the funds are intended as donations to Kares 4 Kids. If any of the funds are earmarked to help pay your event expenses, then you will need to handle the funds at the market center level through another platform of your choice.

Q: How do the proceeds get sent to Kares 4 Kids?

After your event, and after you pay out all of your event expenses, simply write a check to Kares 4 Kids for the remaining amount of funds you have from the event and send to PPG along with a list detailing who gets credit for the funds.

For example: $1,000 - Southeast Mortgage, $500 - Contractor's Best, etc. Funds that were generated through ticket sales, golf foursomes, and other exchanges for items of value will be listed as one donation amount and will go toward your overall market center donation total.

For example, "$9,248 (market center name) Golf Tournament Fundraiser". Click this link to access a form that you can use to record sponsorships.

The list of funds, including individual sponsors and their donations, must equal the amount of the funds Kares 4 Kids receives or else we cannot give proper donation credit. We can only give donation credit for funds we receive.

Q: How do I make sure sponsors get Kares 4 Kids donation credit?

Once you donate the proceeds of your fundraiser to Kares 4 Kids and you give us a list of donations and sponsors as mentioned above, your sponsors will be recorded accordingly during the accounting process. If the funds are used to pay your event expenses, those funds will not be recorded as donations.

We can only give your sponsors sponsorship credit for funds that Kares 4 Kids receives.

General Kares 4 Kids Questions

Q: Who can I contact with more questions?


Leigh Saluzzi, Program Coordinator


Click here to email Leigh

Alicia Thomas Flex Funds Coordinator

Greater Athens, Barrow Jackson, North Gwinnett, Perimeter East, South Forsyth, and Sugarloaf

Click here to email Alicia

Danielle McCurdy Hale, Flex Funds Coordinator

Newnan, Northeast, Peachtree City, and Stockbridge

Click here to email Danielle

General Kares 4 Kid Questions

Q: When are donations from our event reflected in our overall market center donation total?

Funds from your event will be recorded the month that they are received. Accounting updates the donation totals by the last week of each month (with information from the previous month).

Sending in the proceeds of your event all at once will help ensure your entire event donation is reflected in your current donation total.

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