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Customize your giving, by choosing which way you would most want to help at-risk children. You donate, we do all the ground work to make it happen for children!


We fill critical gaps in our communities and have already worked with over 392 charities and 71 public schools to serve over 283,315 children. 


Our volunteer team helps children by feeding the hungry, clothing the needy, comforting the hurting, protecting from abuse, educating, preventing illiteracy and more.   


We are transparent on how every dollar we receive is invested into helping children, and 100% of our donations go to the children directly!

Email us today to find out how you can become an Investor Hero!

We know the "wish lists' of many children's charities and can help you find a great option for your donation!

Please contact us below for further information and assistance. 

You can make your donation on our "Help A Kid Today" page, or by sending your check and information to the address below.

We are honored you would consider helping children in need through Kares 4 Kids!

Since 2006 we have been a registered 501C3.

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With a $10,000 Donation you could - 

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1. Give comfort and rest to 300+ children escaping abuse and being cared for in a home for teen girls in crisis, by replacing very worn furniture, internet service for homework & new kitchen cabinets. 


2. Provide protection and safety for poverty stricken mothers and children with the purchase of 120 car seats as well as 120 pack and plays. 

3. Prevent 613 children in trailer parks from being alone or at risk by sponsoring the purchase of a van to transport them to participate in life skill youth programs to play, learn, and develop.

1. Provide 25 new bunk beds for children who are sleeping on the floor by purchasing the equipment needed to build them. You would dramatically improve kids' health, well-being & daily life!

2. Help 129 "overlooked" teenagers with $75 gift cards so that they will not be forgotten at the holidays. Most do not think of them, yet their needs are also great. 

3. Provide basic necessities to 660 children such as food, fruits, meats, pasta, canned goods, pajamas, socks, clothing, vitamins, and other needs when no one else is helping them in the fall.

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With a $20,000 Donation you could - 

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1. Help 800+ aging-out foster children (age 18) each year become employed by donating so a Career Connection Center can be opened that needs paint, flooring, furnishings and basic decorations. 

2. Support education for 1,530 children with school book bags to fill with pencils, pens, school paper, binders, composition books, etc, for children who would not otherwise have any of those needed items for their education.

3. Fight illiteracy for literally hundreds of thousands of children by donating to a library system to create a custom learning space where kids will read, study and GROW! 

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"I think a hero is any person really intent

on making this a better place for all people."

 - Maya Angelou